Hiding somewhere on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, I am a web developer / graphic designer who has quite an interest in visual arts, illustration and in particular, drawing. My weapons of choice are graphite and charcoal and my works consist mainly of portraits.

Each of the pieces below were hand drawn with either Faber Castell Polychromos, or Staedtler Graphite Mars Lumograph pencils. I love and take pride in attention to detail and incorporating small lines and textures that enhance and add dimension to the overall look and feel of my work.

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Laura Eddy Alexander Skarsgard Drawing
Laura Eddy Bowtie Pug Drawing
Laura Eddy Double Drea 3D Drawing
Laura Eddy George the English Mastiff Drawing
Laura Eddy Lana Del Rey Drawing
Laura Eddy Madzilla Drawing
Laura Eddy Skull Girl Drawing
Laura Eddy Stella Rose St Clair Drawing
Laura Eddy Winter Deer Drawing