Reticulating Splines...

Laura Eddy

What I do

Shadow Puppet Bunny
Tarot Cards | The Lovers
Canned Goods
It's Been a While
Haunts Ghost
Peace Banana Illustration
Pumpkin Ghost Illustration
Inky Illustration
Balloon Dog Illustration
Fish Guts Illustration
Sardines Illustration
Vault Boy Skeleton Illustration
Music Player UI Design
Minimal File Uploader UI Design
Goodreads Book Reskin
Steam Store Library Design
Need Art Minimal Poster
Minimal Poster Design
AFI Blood Tour Album Poster Design
Luxio Lighting Concept UI Design
 Chat UI Design
English Mastiff Pencil Drawing
3D Fine Art Double Drawing
Cara Delevingne Pencil Drawing
Stella Rose Coloured Pencil Drawing
Skull Girl Pencil Drawing
Alexander Skarsgard Pencil Drawing
Dita Von Teese Pencil Drawing
Pug in a Bowtie Pencil Drawing
Lana Del Rey Pencil Drawing
Winter Deer Pencil Drawing
Ugly Dave Yuck Font
Stolen Hand Marker Font
Manic Erratic Handwriting Scrawl
Manic Crazy Handwriting
All Caps Handwriting Font

Side Quests


A font foundry specialising in irregular & custom handmade fonts.


My illustration side project. I'm currently creating a tarot card set, Haunts style 😎

Main mission

By day:I am currently a product designer, working at Youi Insurance on the Sunshine Coast. I have previously been a: graphic designer, web designer, web developer and UI designer.

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By night:I draw, design, code & game.