Laura Eddy
Design & Illustration

About Laura

Hey, I’m Laura


I am a UI Designer with a background in web design and development. When I’m not working I may be creating and illustrating odd characters for Haunts. I also occasionally draw and I love realism and anything detailed.



Seeing Laura Eddy’s artwork for the first time, I was astounded that they were created using graphite, charcoal and colours pencils, and had to look twice to make sure they weren’t photographs or digital drawings.
— Louise Hickey,
Australian-based web developer and graphic designer Laura Eddy is a creative and talented young lady who follows her passion of drawing whenever she has some time to spare after work, creating amazing hyper-realistic graphite and charcoal portraits.
Harboring from Maroochydore, Queensland in Australia, Laura Eddy is a graphic designer and web developer by trade. She also enjoys drawing with graphite pencils, and the results just blew our socks off.
Most of all, I love basic artists – those who use simple tools yet somehow create masterpieces – case in point: Laura Eddy. I first discovered Miss Eddy’s work on a lazy afternoon whilst scrolling through Facebook – I had to investigate...
— Tash Turgoose