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Drawing hair - Dita Von Teese

Start with basic light directional lines

Dita Von Teese - The Hair

Hair can be a little tricky to get the hang of - and especially hard to get it to look realistic. It is also quite repetitive, so sometimes I find myself getting a little bit 'lazy' as I draw the millionth strand of hair! However, when you keep at it and stay focused it will end up looking amazing!

  1. I draw the outlines for the hair and lightly map out the lighting and tones by drawing light directional lines (the direction of the hair, see the curls in the first image)
  2. I then start to darken the ‘black’ areas (in this case, the shadows in the hair) with 6B and 8B pencils.
  3. This is a process of creating a series of lines (darker, more condensed lines in 'black’ areas and thin, light lines in highlights).
  4. While I am doing this I use an eraser pencil, to create the highlights. As it is just like a normal pencil (but magic!), I just erase the light areas until they are white and use a HB to lightly sketch in lines again for definition.
  5. The hair involves a lot of repetition, so I use a paper stump to blend over the hair again so it looks smoother, and then repeat creating lines with the 8B and eraser pencil.

Note: as it in hair, which is essentially a lot of tiny lines, make sure you can see the lines (they don’t have to be super prominent, just visible) as opposed to a solid shaded area.

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